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An affordable SEO starter package for those who want to try search engine optimisation for their website at a cost effective price.

This initial work takes place over 30 days.

– Google analytics, webmaster tools, google my business, google adwords, Bing Places & Bing Ads configuration & optimisation as required

– Keyword research
– configuration : I use this online software to manage my clients
– On page SEO recommendations
– Conversion rate optimisation recommendations
– Advice / research as required about your website

I work to a 30 day rolling contract, you can cancel at anytime, all I ask is anything already invoiced is paid in full.

Once the initial work is complete, we can discuss next steps, as well as a regular monthly budget if required to help make the website a success.

From month 2 the budget then ranges from £50 – £5000+ dependent on what is affordable.

This is a popular package, so please contact me to find out the latest availability & earliest potential start date for your project.



There isn’t an optimum number. We can optimise for as many keyword search terms as you like over the course of the project as some projects can run for years. However the optimum number of keywords for your website is dependent on the level of competition, the results of visits once your site ranks well (enquiries + conversions) as well as the available budget.

It depends on the goals of your website, some just want to be found and read, a blog for example, whilst if selling products, the aim is going to be sales and which keywords are going to convert best.

Some SEO’s will advise using what is called long tail keywords and lot’s of them, whilst others will advise using more competitive short tail keywords with a more stable monthly search volume.

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