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An affordable SEO starter package for those who want to try search engine optimisation for their website at a cost effective price.

This initial work takes place over 30 days.

– Google analytics, webmaster tools, google my business, google adwords, Bing Places & Bing Ads configuration & optimisation as required

– Keyword research
– configuration : I use this online software to manage my clients
– On page SEO recommendations
– Conversion rate optimisation recommendations
– Advice / research as required about your website

I work to a 30 day rolling contract, you can cancel at anytime, all I ask is anything already invoiced is paid in full.

Once the initial work is complete, we can discuss next steps, as well as a regular monthly budget if required to help make the website a success.

From month 2 the budget then ranges from £50 – £5000+ dependent on what is affordable.

This is a popular package, so please contact me to find out the latest availability & earliest potential start date for your project.



Internet or online marketing is a term which some will say is outdated / old fashioned, however I still feel it perfectly encompasses what we have to offer. Marketing for those viewing whilst being connected to the internet, hence we still use the term.

This will be a series of basics for those just starting out in the industry, whether via education or work, prompted by a phone call in December 2012 from a 1st year marketing student, this reminded me how vital it is to learn the basics initially, how daunting lots of information can be and the value I got from basic blog posts many years ago!

For those looking for something more substantial, see here : For newcomers, enjoy and I hope you find it useful.

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