Charitable Donation – War Child & UK Youth

1% of all revenue received via my entire client base is donated to War Child and UK Youth. This is split 50/50.

If any new or existing clients have an issue with this please let me know? I am aware that charitable giving can also be a matter of taste, so if you wish to donate the 1% from your project, to a charity of your choice, please advise accordingly?

Only a small gesture on my part, however every little helps :-)

PLEASE NOTE : This does not impact on the amount of resources put into each project in any way.

Charitable Liaison – Online Marketing Tools Utilised

In order to ensure your project is a success we utilise the services of a variety of SEO / Online Marketing Tools.

One of which, through the leading SEO Software company MOZ is via a shared account with leading UK charity Giveacar. We split the costs meaning Giveacar gets full time analysis of their large website and FIMS can analyse clients sites in depth when required, whilst also donating to a good cause :-)

Other services we utilise to help improve your websites performance include SEOProfiler, (Part of Moz), Majestic SEO and SEMRush.

Fortunately their are lot’s of great resources out their to help with online marketing, if you have any favourites you would like to use on your site, please let us know?

Not to mention the variety of free + paid tools offered by Google + Bing such as Webmaster Tools, +Places, Adwords + Analytics.